Blog events are pretty damn cool and last month I had the pleasure of attending 3 blog events in the space of 5 days. I’m not a city girl, which means sometimes I miss out on all the ~blogger fun~ like events and stuff. So getting to cram 3 amazing events into one week put a huge smile on my face! You can read all about the #LivHelps event here or the #SquadGoals event here. This post, however, is reserved for the fabulous Jemma at Dorkface and her first ever blog event – #GGEvent.

If you’re wondering what the #GGevent is, then 1) where the hell have you been? and 2) the GG stands for Girl Gang, as Jemma is the founder of the wonderfully cute Girl Gang community. The little lady works super hard to create a fun, friendly blogging community. Basically, the simple rule of The Girl Gang community it to just be nice and don’t be a dick.

Anyway, back to the #GGEvent. After being in Liverpool quite a lot the last couple of months, it was a breath of fresh air to head to Manchester for this event. Mainly because I easily get lost and confused in Liverpool! The Girl Gang Event was hosted at Dive Bar in the Northern Quarter – my favourite little corner of Manchester. Seriously, I adore the laidback, artsy vibe of the NQ and not to mention, the food…all of the amazing food places!

One other thing I love about the Northern Quarter is that I’m always stumbling across new haunts. Dive ticked all the industrial aesthetic boxes for the NQ. I especially loved that we had our own little private area of the bar.

Apologies for the lack of event photos, this was one of those events where I’m so caught up in the moment that snapping photographs just totally slips my mind!

I must say this all the time but the thing I love most about blog events is that it’s an opportunity to meet up with other bloggers. Whether it’s meeting them for the very first time or seeing them for the first time in a year. In some cases it was simply catching up again since the last weekend or even just the evening before. There’s always sooo much to catch up on, laugh at and many stories and tips to share!

The event flew by and all the minor details seem to have blurred into one great big memory of a fun afternoon. There was Pinkster gin, cute cupcakes(made by the amazing Carrie), even cuter bloggers, sweet potato fries, a charity raffle and goody bags filled with treats.

A massive thanks to Jemma for pulling off such a great little first event and thanks to all the brands who jumped on board and got involved too! I can’t wait to try some of the goody bag treats, including the coconut balmi lip balm, GOSH nail polish, the oddly named ugly water, crown brush, jurlique rose water and Soap and Glory mother pucker lipstick (to name a few!).

I really can’t wait for the second Girl Gang Event!


  • 11th September 2016

    Sounds like you had a great time! I've never been to a blogger event but I'd LOVE to someday! Especially a girl gang one! xx

  • 11th September 2016

    Looked like such a lovely event! xo
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • 11th September 2016

    Awh I'd love to go to a Girl Gang event one day! I haven't yet been to a blogger meet, although I am determined to go to at least once this year although I'm super nervous because I don't really know anyone… Got any tips?

    Lizzie Bee //

  • 18th September 2016

    I wanted to attend Jemma's event so badly, but it's kind of hard to when you're all the way in Canada… haha! Over here it seems like I'm the only Canadian blogger, as there are sooo many of British bloggers and vloggers now. Sounds like you had so much fun πŸ™‚ x

    Kyia at


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