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Don’t just eat your greens, drink them! My best friend swears by matcha green tea. So when Teapigs told me that May was their month of matcha and offered me some of their matcha green tea*, I couldn’t say no. I’ve been intrigued by matcha for a long time, so I was super excited to finally see what the hype was all about. Plus, it  has a ridiculous amount of health benefits- and if you’ve been keeping up to date with me on insta or twitter, you’ll know that I love keeping healthy. To be honest, I don’t enjoy ‘normal’ green tea. I find it too bitter. However, I was blown away by how different (and yummy!) matcha was in comparison.

Let’s take a little look into the history. Matcha green tea descents from Japanese culture, where it has been consumed for over 1000 years. It’s a favourite amongst Buddhist Monks, whom would drink it to remain alert yet calm during long meditation sessions. Matcha is grown in the shade which increases it’s chlorophyll production (superfood alert!). The leaves are then ground to a fine powder. This means that, unlike the green tea found in tea bags, with matcha you consume all the benefits of the green tea because the leaves are actually infused in the liquid. I’d actually never considered that before, how interesting! So, as well as having an interesting background, the health benefits are astounding too.

teapigs matcha green tea benefits

To give you an idea of the antioxidant levels of matcha, one cup of matcha has 137 times the antioxidants of green tea. You’d have to drink at least one cup of ‘normal’ green tea to get similar antioxidants levels as matcha. Talk about being a super-tea, hey? To give you a clearer picture, the antioxidant power of matcha is 6.2 times greater than goji berries and a whopping 60 times greater than spinach. If that isn’t enough proof that matcha is a green little superhero for your health, I don’t know what is.

matcha green tea tin

With such amazing antioxidant properties, what did I think of Teapigs matcha green tea? Well, I loved it. When I first opened the tin I was greeted by a vibrant green powder. Obviously, I stuck my nose straight in the tin to get a whiff. Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting but I was pleased by the smell. It was somewhat delicate and earthy, yet not too dissimilar from regular tea. The next thing I did, as any other normal person would, was run straight downstairs to whisk up a cup to try. Keeping it simple and traditional, I enjoyed mine whisked into hot water. Once it had cooled slightly I took my first sip, nervously. I was so pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t bitter or horrible tasting. In fact, it was the quite the opposite. It was smooth and such an enjoyable, cosy drink. Something that I could enjoy at any time of the day. I was instantly hooked and could finally see why my best friend raved so much about this stuff. I actually wanted to kick myself for not having tried this stuff sooner!

teapigs matcha green tea shot

Whilst I enjoy my matcha simple with hot water you can also drink it as a shot, with milk, as a juice or smoothie. Oh and not to mention, you can add it to yoghurt or porridge. Who knew tea could be so versatile? This little 30g tin lasts 30 days (you only need a tiny 1g scoop to create the perfect matcha brew!). So, I still have some matcha left over. With that, I plan to do what I enjoy doing most and that’s getting inventive in the kitchen. I’m going to whip up a matcha infused recipe. So keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of a tasty recipe featuring matcha green tea.

Since drinking matcha, I actually feel more energised. Dare I say, I prefer the energy boost of matcha than coffee. I feel energised for longer and without the jitters or crash-effect you get from coffee. I’ve also found it’s an amazing fix for days when I’m feeling sluggish. It perks me up, instantly. Another amazing benefit is it’s slimming effects. Now, let me just stress that I am not trying to lose weight. But, since drinking matcha I have noticed that my stomach is looking more trim and toned, which I definitely enjoy sneaking at a peak at in the mirror! This is probably due to its detoxing and thermogenic effects. Thermogensis enhances metabolic rate and increase fat oxidation (burning in layman’s terms) in case you didn’t know. These are just a few of the reasons why drinking matcha leaves me feeling healthier and happier.

matcha green tea whisk

Over all, I am in love with matcha green tea and will hold my hands up and say that thanks to Teapigs I’m now a converted matcha lover. I am so happy that I finally had the opportunity to try this and I will definitely be stocking up on more of the green stuff. Let me know if you’ve ever tried matcha, I’d love to know your thoughts :).

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N.B. This post has been published in partnership with Teapigs. Items marked with * may have been gifted. However, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own. If you have any questions, please let me know πŸ™‚


  • 24th May 2015

    I love how many ways you have have this, and it sounds sooo healthy as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • 25th May 2015

    Matcha tea is all the rage right now! I've never tried it, but it sound really healthy! I also had no idea that people added it to their yogurt or porridge. Now I'm curious. I wonder what it tastes like

    xx Izzy | Qthee

  • 25th May 2015

    I love matcha tea and the fact all these great foreign imports are coming to the UK – I enjoyed it quite a bit when I lived in the Philippines when I was younger. So tasty and healthy!

    Julia xo

  • 31st May 2015

    I've only recently (in the last four or five months) become a fan of any kind of tea, I'm currently hooked on chamomile, but would love to give this a try. I like the idea of it, and if everyone raves about it so much maybe I should bite the bullet and buy some. Fab post, you've really piqued my interest in matcha.

    The Vegan Taff | Cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle

  • 4th February 2016

    When I took the Green supplements for the first time, a cool rush permeated my entire digestive track and I was actually able to feel it going to work in my stomach!


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