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Yes, you read that right. The title DOES say Goodbye coffee. That’s because I’ve decided to give up Coffee for lent. Albeit 9 days late, but hey ho…better late than never, right?

Like any typical blogger, I can normally be found clutching a coffee in my hand. I swear it’s a hidden Blogger rule that you must never been seen without coffee. Though, I’m not just talking your minimalistic coffee-addicts black coffee. Oh no, I’m the girl that you’ll see with the Caramel Latte with whipped cream and syrup on top. My coffee bears a closer resemblance to an 99 Ice Cream than it does coffee. But, it’s still coffee and it still gets me through the day. Whether it’s a long working day or just a catch up with an old friend, I’m likely to have a coffee cup close by.

So, I’ve decided to set myself the challenge of kicking the coffee habit. It’s going to be difficult at first and no doubt, I’ll be having to double up the under-eye concealer to try hide those coffee-deprived dark circles. But, I’m a firm believer that I can learn to live without coffee…well, for 40 days at least. I’m not Christian, but I always like the idea of giving something up for lent. I like to set myself the challenge and remind myself that the little luxuries in life are just that, they aren’t necessities. It gives me a new found (or a new remembered) appreciation of the small things in life that I may take for granted, like my morning coffee.

To keep me motivated on my 40-day challenge, I’m using the Benevolent App. This allows me to see how much money I’m saving by keeping my head held high and learning to say ‘No!’ to coffee. I had a quick check and I can save about Β£145 just by cutting out coffee! If you’re feeling kind-spirited, it also gives you the option to donate the savings to Charity.

As well as showing you how much you have saved, they also send you motivational tips and tricks to try and stop you from falling off track and reaching for the coffee cup, or cake, or whatever else you’ve decided to give up! I’m a sucker for some motivational words, so I’ll be using those tips to spur me on in my moments of weakness.

The Children’s Society are an admirable Charity that help disadvantaged children, both locally and nationally. The children are the future and it’s important that they are given the best possible chances in life. The Children’s Society work towards helping children in a multitude of ways, from tacking child poverty and neglect, helping families trapped in debt, child runaways and young carers to putting an end to child sexual exploitation. They are the leaders of pioneering change for children and it’s crucial that we give them our help.

So, if you want to help to improve the life of a child…or even if you just fancy setting yourself a challenge, then join me and take part in the Benevolent 40-day Challenge!

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  • 3rd March 2015

    Good luck on the coffee ban!!! I'm trying to have green tea instead because the caffeine intake is less but enough to give you a little boost.
    The Pixie Cut | Cosmopolitan β€˜Best New Fashion Blog’ Winner 2014

  • 4th March 2015

    Ooh good luck with this – I'm the same as you and opt for caramel lattes constantly and the cost definitely does add up! I've started to cut mine down to just once a week as a treat – not sure if I could completely cut it out but I like the idea of giving the money you save to charity πŸ™‚

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

  • 5th March 2015

    Best of luck! I can't get through a day without a double espresso.


  • 26th March 2015

    Good luck lovely! I've tried to go cold turkey once before and I was SO grumpy so now I just limit myself and try swapping for other hot drinks. Try the Twinings Gingerbread green tea. It's perfect for when you went something a bit more interesting than just a cup of pond water. πŸ˜€ Sx


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