Wednesday Addams Halloween Outfit | Fashion

The Addams Family will always be the perfect family when it reaches this time of year. If you’re a last minute Halloween-er like myself then fear not – The Wednesday Addams look can be recreated straight from your wardrobe. Or you could use it as a excuse to update your wardrobe with some new beautiful black pieces.

The classic Wednesday style is the black dress with a white collar. Hair in French braids, this dress, thick black tights and black shoes just screams Wednesday ‘I hate everything’ Addams. If you haven’t got such a dress lying around, then luckily you can pick one up fairly cheap from the high street!

My Halloween will be spent working a killer 10am-11pm shift! And to be sure not to break my Halloween tradition, I have left my outfit right up until the last minute. So, I will definitely be channelling my inner Addams and be creating this look. Though, I already dress head-to-toe in black with patent black geek shoes and and my hair in French braids for work…so I will probably just look like my usual chirpy working self!

To emphasise this look I will be opting for a light foundation, contrasting with a dark lipstick (preferably matte). Think minimalistic Goth when you apply your make-up. Wednesday Addams is a serious style icon, let’s be honest. I would wear this on an average day, nevermind for Halloween!


  • 28th October 2014

    Awww, I hope your shift goes super smoothly, great style inspiration!

  • 29th October 2014

    Love the Halloween set.


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