I must confess my love for cake. I mean, seriously, I LOVE cake! It’s a popular topic of conversation in my daily life and a staple part of my daily diet. But whilst my love for cake is borderline obsessive, so is my love for health and fitness. People may say it’s not possible to be both a fitness and cake enthusiast. But, in the words of Oscar Wilde ‘enjoy everything in moderation, including moderation!’

To satisfy my super sweet tooth without kicking myself later I will try to substitute it for a healthier alternative. I’m talking double choc chip cookies made with avocado, brownies made with dates and sweet potato, oat and banana cookies,, overnight oats…and the list goes on. You’re probably reading this right now with a little look of disgust on your face, right? Well trust me, they are so delicious and you would never know that they were a much healthier version of your favourite naughty treat.

But don’t get me wrong, I still indulge in sweet foods. Sometimes, a little bit too much- I’ve devoured 200g of Galaxy chocolate and a huge slice of white chocolate and strawberry sponge cake today! But as I mentioned, enjoy things in moderation. So who cares if you go crazy and eat so much cake you feel like Bruce Bogtrotter in the infamous Matilda scene?! Just remember to not do it daily and if, like me, you just cannot say no to your sweet tooth then be adventurous, make a healthy cake…you may be surprised with how much you like it.

I’ll probably blog about some recipes, so I’d love to know if this is something you’d enjoy reading.

(The pictures in this post are just a sneak peak of some of the treats I cook up when I’m not reaching for a five layer heart-attack-inducing cake)

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