How to make life changing decisions

Making life changing decisions can be terrifying. But with a little bit of self-belief, trust and accountability, you can do anything you set your mind to.

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Five ways to get more active during the work day

Getting more active will not only help you physically, but it is also good for your heart and mental health. You don’t have to make…

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Outsource vs Diversify: Building your business

If you are building a service-based business and find that it’s getting to the point where you aren’t able to keep up with the demand, it’s time to start outsourcing or diversifying your work. Here’s how to get started…

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Tips For Creating An E-Commerce Website

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I’ve worked with my fair share of e-commerce businesses. So, I’ve complied some of my best tips for creating an e-commerce website that will drive sales.

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How running can improve your productivity

You might not know it but running could actually be beneficial for your career. From improving your productivity to creating space for learning, here’s how running can help you…

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Hey There!

I'm Tasmin - a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant and Social Media Manager based in Blackpool, Lancashire and working with amazing small business owners worldwide.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I help small business owners harness the power of digital marketing and social media so they can thrive online, boost their visibility and connect with their audience.

Outside of work, I'm an adventure aficionado, dog mum and cake addict.

So, grab a cup of tea, get cosy and let's catch up…

Let's make your business flourish

Your business deserves to be seen online. With over six years marketing experience, I am passionate about helping small businesses shine online.

Whether you’re just starting out in your business or you’re looking to step things up, I can provide expert support and guidance with your content marketing, organic and paid social media management or your wider digital marketing strategy. Whatever digital marketing services you need, I'm here to help.

Together, we can make your business flourish.

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What My Clients Say

Tasmin was a huge help in equipping me with the knowledge I needed to get started with Facebook ads. She's friendly and insightful and I would recommend her skills to anyone looking for help in this area.

Laura Smith, Ella St. Communications

Already, the results have been the best performing ads on Facebook I have ever, ever, ever had!

Matt Boyles, Fitter Confident You

I have been working with Tasmin for 8 months now and during that time she has become an important asset to my business. As a people and wellbeing consultancy, our authentic voice has to be communicated consistently in the digital space, Tasmin has gone above and beyond to deliver for CHAMPS especially when I called on her the most during the pandemic crisis and lockdown period. Tasmin is highly organised, creative and can be trusted to take your business to the next level. I have recommended Tasmin to others and I will continue to do, as she is a knowledgeable professional but has a fun, warm and humanistic approach.

Ruth Cooper-Dickson, CHAMPS Consulting

Ruth Cooper-Dickson, CHAMPS Consulting

Tasmin has been an amazing help introducing me to Facebook Ads, not only creating a brilliant starting template to model each ad upon but also providing a detailed analysis with further recommendations for moving forward. I did originally see it as very intimidating and being a one man band the thought of taking part in another learning course to get to grips with Facebook Ads did not appeal to me, Tasmin however has truly helped by creating the base plan for me to carry forward with. No doubt I will still reach out to seek her expertise further along the line!

Siobhan Stanley, H.huna

I can't speak highly enough of Tasmin with Grandiose Days. She's really helped transform the social media strategy at Two Piers Consulting for the better and is an absolute joy to work with.

Erica D'Eramo, Two Piers Consulting

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