When buying my house, I had big dreams of how I envisioned my house looking 6 months down the line.

In my mind, the front room was the perfect blend of industrial yet minimal and the kitchen had a dark grey chic look to it. In reality, the front room is half-finished and the kitchen is in its original state minus a floor.

When your house resembles a building site and your bank balance is flatlining it can be difficult to see your house as ever being your ‘dream home’. So, how can you make a house a home…even when it’s a building site?


Although my front room is between looks right now, one thing I did as soon as I could was start building up a gallery wall.

This tiny corner of the front room is the only finished corner of the house. It’s a breath of fresh air and right now, it’s that glimmer of hope that I will eventually make this house my dream home.

A gallery wall is a simple way to add a touch of your personality to a house and truly make it your own.


Now I’m not talking about displaying your fine china on your walls here. Unless that’s your style of course. I’m talking about those small ornamental pieces that offer a little snapshot into your life.

For me, my display items include a rainbow paint covered skull, a T marque light and several candles.

These small pieces are what take a house from show home to real home if you ask me. Obviously my house is far from show home but even when my house is fully decorated, I’ll still swear by ornamental items.


A little touch of greenery truly makes a house a home for me. Whilst my flourishing mint plant may have been eaten by the dogs and my spinach plant wilted away, I still have a few plants going strong in the kitchen. I’ll admit it’s mainly Cactus and succulent so I have less chance of killing them. But regardless of the type, plants add a homely touch.

I also adore having flowers in my home. I think fresh flowers are a simple way to show that you care about your home. Honestly, nothing says house proud like a fresh blooming bouquet.

I received two bunches of autumnal flowers by prestige flowers and was amazed by their quality. Having flowers delivered to my door is seriously something I can get used to – it’s perfect for the house proud busy body who doesn’t have time to nip to the florist!

The bouquets lasted around 4 weeks. The longevity impressed me to no end, especially considering they arrived whilst I was still in Milan and therefore spent two days in a dark box until I got home!

With those three simple tricks and the fourth and final trick of having a house that looks well-lived in. Ahem, I mean messy of course. You can be sure to make any house, no matter how much of a building site it may be, look like a home.


  • 16th December 2017

    I love how you’ve added these homely touches. It looks super cute and pretty, even if you’re halfway through decorating! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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