Walking out of the hair salon with a bounce in my step and even bouncier curls in my hair, I headed home feeling truly content. Y’know that feeling where you’re so blissfully happy that everything in the universe is just as it should be? That’s exactly how I felt after spending an evening at the new Rush hair salon in Manchester last week.

If you’re looking for a hair salon that has it all, then look no further. Rush is the salon for you. From a hair cut to a brazilian blowdry, Rush are bound to be able to fulfill your hair needs.

Earlier this month, I was invited along to the new Deansgate salon to meet the team, eat nibbles and talk hair. For a girl who sucks at hair care, it was exactly what I needed. I actually learnt a lot about my hair and if I’m ever in the city, I’d feel more than confident to pop into Rush knowing that the team would be able to work wonders on my unruly locks.

The hair stylists were the loveliest bunch of people. I was really nervous before I turned up at the salon but my worries quickly melted away. I tend to avoid hair salons, partly due to my indecisiveness and also down to my sheer hatred for awkward small talk. But there was no awkward small talk here. I felt completely at ease as I chatted and giggled away with the Rush hair stylists!

My hair was in major need of a refresh so I made sure the first thing I did that evening (after helping myself to some food and having a tour of the place of course…) was sit down with Celine for a cut consultation. I confessed to Celine about my hair-styling struggles. Celine instantly knew the perfect solution, suggesting that I add some soft layers to my hair in order to lift my hair and add shape without losing my blunt cut. I was so impressed with Celine’s recommendations that I booked myself in at the hairdressers the following weekend. I’m now sporting a shorter cut with some delicate layers! It’s safe to say that the Rush team certainly know their stuff when it comes to hair.

Cut consultation complete, it was time to brave getting my hair done at the Style Bar. I initially wanted to try a fancy up-do or braids. But after telling Nick all about my hair’s stubborn unwillingness to curl, he took it upon himself to prove to me that my hair can and will hold a curl. I commended his enthusiasm but was convinced he’d fail on his mission. Turns out I was wrong. Nick succeeded where most hairdressers failed and managed to keep a curl in my hair. He created tighter curls on the bottom layer to add volume and shape before creating the larger curls that sat on top. Once done, he lightly sprayed my hair with hairspray and gently tousled my hair, roughing it up and down to loosen the curls.

Nick shared his hair curling secrets with me which I’ll definitely be putting to the test. I’d love nothing more than to have cute curls for autumn so fingers crossed I can recreate the look or else I’ll be making weekly trips to Rush! The rates are amazingly reasonable so I wouldn’t even feel that guilty about treating my hair to some TLC more frequently.

After a wonderful evening filled with laughter, pampering and tasty treats, I left feeling confident in the new hair care tips I learnt and happy to have had such a sweet evening mingling with the most lovely hairdressing team and bloggers!

Watch this space, Rush, because I’ll definitely be back soon for a curly blowdry!

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