Dusky Pink Travel Wish List
I’ve been on a spending ban this last month and for the first time in what must be years, I didn’t buy a single thing for a month. Well, apart from the necessities like food and cake and stuff. People rarely talk money, it’s as if there’s this great taboo surrounding it. So let me tell you I’ve been broke as hell this past month. With money being super-duper tight I put myself on a little spending ban. As a result, I now have a wish list that rivals the length of the river Nile. And if that isn’t the perfect excuse to write up a blog post about some of the dreamy materialistic things I’m pining for, I don’t know what is.
Black ripped knee jeans – are these even a thing still? Do people still buy these? I don’t even care. I just know that I want a pair. They look so effortlessly cool. I’ll be pairing my ripped jeans with slogan tees or with a pretty blouse tucked in. There is most definitely a ripped knee jeans shaped hole in my wardrobe (excuse the awful pun). I’m a girl who 9 times out of 10 will be found wearing leggings. It’s high time I expanded my horizons, stepped away from the leggings and tried to squeeze into a pair of jeans. In the short space of time between starting and finishing this post, I’ve already bought a pair of ripped knee jeans, so these can be ticked off the wish-list.Striped tees – Okay, so I already own a couple of striped tees. But everybody knows that there’s no such thing as too many striped tees. There’s a whole array of striped tees on my wish list. I want one for every occasion. Well, maybe I don’t want that many striped tees but they are good. Along with striped tees, my wish list has a lot of t-shirts with cute slogan embroidery badges and jerseys with lace hems. I’ve developed a fondness for basics that aren’t just basic. I want t-shirts that have little details on them and blouses with cute patterns.

Unicorns on everything – You are never too old for unicorns, ever. So don’t let anyone ever tell you different. Unicorns make everything better and my wish list is filled with unicorns. I’m talking unicorn earrings, passport covers, backpacks, wash bags, lipstick (if you haven’t seen the too faced unicorn tears lipstick then oh my gosh you’re missing out), pjs, t-shirts, badges, e v e r y t h i n g. They’re just majestic. Almost as majestic as narwhals, but my love for narwhals is a whole other story. Basically if it has a unicorn on it, I’ll probably want to buy it and I’m not even sorry.

Plum fog trainers – There’s no denying that I have a weakness for trainers. There’s always several pairs of trainers on my wish list. Right now, I’m all heart-eyes about the current Nike plum fog colourway. Released on Air Max Day this weekend, the Nike Air Max Zero Tokyo sneakers have shot straight to the top of my wish-list. Though, priced at £115 I think I’ll have to pine after these for a little bit longer whilst I continue to be sensible with my pennies. On my trainer wish-list, I’m also eyeing up a pair of Old Skool Vans or Nike Stefan Janoskis. A simple pair of skate shoes sound like just what I need for days exploring on my USA trip.

Dusky pink and glitter make-up – When it comes to make-up and all things girly, I’ll admit that I’m not your go-to girl. I have no idea how to contour and don’t even ask me about brows, sorry. Right now, I’m still loving soft nudes but as Spring is here (or so it should be) I’m wanting to add some more pinks to my daily make-up. I’m not a massive fan of strong pink hues, so I’m leaning towards the softer dusky pink tones for matte lipsticks and light blush. The MAC glitter pigments are also high on the wish-list. Adding a touch of iridescent shimmer to my cheek bones sounds perfect for those spring evenings.

What’s currently on your wish-list?


  • 29th April 2016

    A spending ban sounds like something I need to put myself on! I never have the willpower to actually stop myself from spending money, haha!

    I'm with you on the ripped jeans – I've been seeing people wearing them forever and looking so chill, but I've yet to actually invest in a pair myself!

    Leigh |

  • 4th August 2017

    I love those trainers omg! I want a pair now!
    xx Ele |


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