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New year, new you. Most new year resolutions revolve around
getting fit, joining the gym, losing weight, getting toned, eating healthy or
getting that dream body. So, it feels like the best time to share some of my
favourite fitness tips with you! Carry on reading for my 5 simple tips that will help make your fitness resolution stick and you’ll start seeing those
results you dream of.
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Ditch The Cardio

Seriously. Hit the stop button on that
treadmill, stop pounding away for hours running in the same spot, and stop
being a total cardio-junkie. Most people will turn to the treadmill in hope
that it will answer their fitness prayers. But in all honestly, it can get a
little boring and there are so many other ways that you can burn fat. I’m not
saying cut out cardio altogether. Just simply, switch it up and try alternative
(more fun!) methods. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great way to
burn fat and increase endurance.  HIIT is
the repetitive process of doing short, quick bursts of high intensity exercises
followed by short low intensity recovery periods.  You can apply this to the treadmill (sprint,
walk, sprint, etc.) or to circuit workouts. The Nike Training Club app is
filled with so many great workout circuits that are bound to get your heart
racing. So if you’re looking for HIIT workout inspiration, download the app and
get working up a sweat.
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Dieting is not going to get you that dream
body. Trust me. Dieting can put strain on your body and often leads you to
reach for those leftover Christmas chocolates in a moment of weakness. Instead
of dieting, just make wise food choices. Make sure your diet contains more
protein, more complex carbs and lower levels of fat. Carbs should make up
around 50% of your daily calorie intake, with protein accounting for roughly 30%
and fats should be around 20%. So, whilst it is important to be eating healthy
that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to the odd sweet treat. The app MyFitnessPal
is perfect for tracking your meals. It allows you to input your current height,
weight, activity levels and goals. Based on this information, it can devise
your nutrition goals – how many calories you need and what percentage of that should
be carbs, protein and fats. You’ll probably be surprised to see how many
calories you are actually allowed to eat…and still manage to reach your goals! By
using the MyFitnessPal app, you’ll see that you are allowed to treat yourself
to a slice of cake every now and again! If you want any ideas for healthier
sweet treats then I have recipes for Peanut Butter Cups
and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.
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Lift Heavy

Don’t panic, picking up the weights isn’t
going to make you look like the Incredible Hulk. It’s actually one of the best
things you can do for your body. It will make your body more defined, toned and
stronger. If you are new to weight-lifting then start light and focus on your
posture and form. Once you have perfected the technique of the exercise, you
can start increasing the weight. When weight-lifting you should focus on
specific muscle groups to ensure that you are getting optimal results. For
instance, you could split your work-out over 3 days and do chest and biceps on
day 1, back and triceps on day 2 and shoulders and legs on day 3. This will
make sure you are covering a full-range of different muscles, and also giving
your muscles enough time to recover and repair themselves before working out
again. Start off by following a training program from These
are perfect for helping you to reach your fitness goals. The program will tell
you what muscle group to train, what exercises to do and how many sets and reps
you need to be doing. It’s a fool-proof way to keep on track.

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Planning is key to success. It will stop you from
straying from the path. And even if you do stray, it will help you find your
way back again. It will ensure that you reach your goals. Devise a training
program (or use one from This will make sure that you remain
motivated in the gym and that you are getting the most out of your work-out. If
you step foot into the gym, unsure about what you are even doing there, then
chances are that you aren’t going to reap the benefits from it. The same
applies with food. Make sure you are planning your meals. Now, I’m not saying
become a nutrition Nazi. But, if you have a good idea of what types of meals
you should be eating and when, then it’ll help you to reach your diet goals. Even
plan your cheat meals. If you struggle with sticking to healthy eating, then
give yourself one day a week where you can indulge a little bit. Just try not
to go overboard! There are so many fitness and health apps that you can use to
keep you on track, so check out the app store on your phone and find out that
works for you!

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Just do it

Excuse the Nike slogan. But it’s true. The
only way you’re going to see results is to get off your ass and work for them.
Stop saying ‘I will start on Monday’ and start now. There’s no use in making up
excuses to yourself, you will only end up moving backwards. Looking at motivational
photos on Instagram and pinterest is great (it really is!) but the true
motivation is yourself. Just get out there and force yourself to work out, even
if you aren’t feeling it. More often than not, by the end of the work out you’ll
be feeling 1000x more energized and you’ll feel so happy that you decided to
work out. After all, they always say that the only work out you regret is the
one you didn’t do! So, what are you waiting for? Start your fitness journey
Grandiose Days,


  • 7th January 2015

    Yay for fitness goals! Totally agree with you on all of these (kinda hypocritical about the cardio after I went on a 12k run today) but yes, HIIT training all the way. It works so much more. Me and my boyfriend have used the MyFitnessPal app too, it's fab for realising the proportions of what you're actually eating. I could never be one of those girls with the appetite of a sparrow!
    I'm gonna do my best to follow all your tips 😀
    lily x

  • 8th January 2015

    Such good tips – thank you! I definitely agree with the cardio statement… people don't realise the power of strength training/are scared of it. I definitely was at the beginning. Without classes/fitness bloggers/apps, I was so lost as to what to do with free weights.

    And that protein powder cookbook looks great. I am definitely going to delve into the world of protein powder soon! I just don't understand what the term/chemicals mean… and I am studying Chemistry haha.

    Julia xo

  • 9th January 2015

    I got my boyfriend that Protein Cookbook for Christmas in the hope that he'll make some things for me haha! Love those muscle leggings, so cool! Great tips x

  • 17th January 2015

    Great post and lovely tips. I am a bit of a gym bunny, I love doing HIIT workouts and working with weights. I definitely think switching it up helps me to keep interested and motivated x


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